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After visiting some local wineries, Steve and I have acquired a taste for some of the wines we tasted. We're currently enjoying a bottle of sweet white wine, "Misty Niagara" from Niagara Landing Wine Cellars. Naturally there is a picture of a waterfall on the bottle.

I especially find that watching sports, particularly hockey, whilst drinking wine makes it a rather pleasurable experience. I enjoy watching the Buffalo Sabres regardless, but with that little extra sweetness after dinner....YUM!
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I accepted a part-time position at a local hospital in the Catholic Health System (*hides tarot cards*) as a Library Assistant.

I'm thrilled that I was offered the position. I'll be able to work this position for 15 hours a week and my Children's Services Librarian position for 21 hours getting me to almost 40 hours a week. This job is definitely going to help money-wise.

But also, working at a hospital! Medical librarianship! I'm rather excited to learn something new. The library is for the doctors, residents, nurses - essentially employees of the hospital.

I had my physical today (drug test, medical history, immunization check, etc). I also had a PPD test done for tuberculosis. They inject you under the skin and then you come back in the next 48-72 hours to make sure that you don't have any reaction that indicates you have TB. I got my paperwork filled out, photo taken for my ID badge and details about where to go for my orientation on Monday.

I got to see the library during my interview. It's connected to the doctor's lounge and since the hospital will be building a new ER the library is going to be moved in the next few months (and I think the doctor's lounge will be part of the library).

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It figures that just as summer programs end I end up getting a cold. I still have to get through the big end of the year picnic on Wednesday (plus the reiki & readings I'm doing for some clients afterward).

So, Steve has sent me to bed. He went out to get me extra tissues since I went through 2 boxes already. My poor nose. So I'm in bed watching anime (Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo - I've finally gotten used to the animation), with the laptop nearby.

My sore throat seems to have eased thanks to all the chai with honey I've been drinking. I've also managed to not have my sinuses hurt, so I'm left with a runny/stuffy nose.

Any and all healing is appreciated! Colds tend to linger and I'd like to be all healthy by my birthday on the 24th.

*random* Colds make me all loopy.
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Ack! Its been a while since I've posted on my journal. I think with my crazy schedule all I want to do is veg when I get home and facebook status updates are quick little things to post. So, if any of you are on facebook and would like to friend me, send me your name and I'll find you to friend you. ^__^ I tend to post a bunch of photos on there as well.

Summer programs have started at the library. I made it through week one and have four more weeks to go. I've taken over programs for another colleague who is out for the summer for health reasons. Her programs are popular at a bigger library (AUD), so for the one summer fun club there's an average of about 50 school age kids (with the possibility of 70 kids at once). I have teen volunteers that help, but then I have to keep an eye on them too to keep everyone on task. I also have themed preschool specials with about 30 preschoolers and their parents. Those are fun. :)

At EGG I've got a regular preschool storytime (20-25 preschoolers with their parents), lego club and summer fun club (last week I demonstrated kendo for the kids...they loved it!). I also make sure hte family fun nights go smoothly. Last week was the Buffalo Zoo, this week is a storytelling & performance group.

I also ended up being the one to organize and distribute summer reading prizes. Thankfully everything is all settled with that. There were some late deliveries.

Hmm, what else?

Oh yes! I helped my mom and grandparents at the Pirates Festival up at Olcott Beach near Lake Ontario. The professional pirates that I like were back and it was a fun time (despite the heat, bugs and aching feet because super-genius me decided to wear heeled boots on Saturday to be authentic). On a random note, I DESPISE smokers at festivals who come INTO the tent and also browse the tables with a cigarette. It makes me sick and sends me into an asthma attack. I swear we had more smokers than I can remember on Saturday. -_- I think they think it's okay because they're outside...but smoke travels. Ugh.

I got some awesome pics of some swans that were near the lake and some Canada geese. I called to the latter and they all started coming up the beach toward me, lol.

Steve and I went to see Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Part 2. It was AWESOME! My favorite line: "I've always wanted to do that spell." We also saw The Green Lantern a few weeks ago because we had a free movie pass. That was a great movie too! If you like the superhero movies, definitely rent that when it comes out on DVD or streams on Netflix.

We also made a random pilgrimage...erm, piratage to a Long John Silver's I discovered about 45 minutes to an hour away. ^__^ Oh LJS I miss thee!

I rather love spending time with him. ♥

I've been busy with Librarian union stuff since I've been the recording secretary. Mostly I try to put order to the conversations of my fellow board members, who tend to stray at times with the topic. So far I've been told that I'm doing a good job.

I also managed to snag a couple freelance projects by winning some bids (annotations & research). At this point I'm working on building my rank on various sites.

Isis the kitty is doing well. Her new thing is when mommy gets up in the morning to cuddle with her as she's on the toilet. ^^;; Thankfully she stays on the floor, satisfied by my pettings and rubbing against my legs.

On a random note, I'm sooo not digging this summer heat. I miss air conditioning. The fans do an okay job of cooling down the apartment, provided the night is cool.

Okay, enough rambling from me. I'm thinking of you all and wish you the best!!! ^___^!!!
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I'm in the process of preparing for panels for this weekend. I found out that if you do 5 of them, you get con registration reimbursed (WIN!).

So, with my cohorts, I am doing Weiss Kreuz, Anime Mad Libs, Yaoi Mad Libs, Yaoi Pictionary, Iron Smut, and I was asked to be a judge for Yaoi North Idol.

Weiss Kreuz - Florists by day, assassins by night! Fanfic recommendations, active WK communities online, and more!

Anime Mad Libs - Anime themed mad libs. Be prepared to shout out your suggestions!

Iron Smut (18+) - It's Iron Chef with Yaoi! Participants are given secret ingredients to create skits for the audience.

Yaoi Mad Libs - Audience provides voluptuous verbs, aching adjectives, naughty nouns, and much much more!

Yaoi Pictionary - Audience members are invited to show off their 'artistic' talents. Flex those drawing fingers!

Yaoi North Idol - A filk contest for the sick of mind! Come write and perform for our panel of judges for prizes!

Cosplay-wise I'll be dressed as Canada from Hetalia on Friday & Sunday (complete with a Canadian flag utilized as a cape, lol!), Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club on Saturday morning & afternoon, and then Schuldig for Saturday evening for the WK panel.
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April 8-11, 2011 Steve and I traveled to New York City to visit his family and see the sights. It was my first time in NYC, so naturally I took A LOT of photos.

Here there be photos-Click at your own risk! )
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Kitty photos! )
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Happy birthday [personal profile] wyldbutterflies!

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Seriously, this cold latched on Thursday night and is refusing to let go. Its gone up to my nose and is trying to get my throat.

I need my voice for at least Wednesday morning. I'm conducting an oral history with an older gentleman. His family contacted the library and asked if someone would be willing to interview him.

Also, a MASSIVE journal entry will be coming soon. Steve and I went to NYC to visit his family. It was my first time there! I took a lot of photos...(almost 400). However, with a freelance project deadline approaching, I've had to wait to upload and review the photos.

Also, I have more kitty photos. ;)
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So, on Tuesday I was innocently walking through the Eastern Hills Mall, picking up a gift card. Okay, so maybe it wasn't quite so innocent considering I was picking up a gift card for photo shoot discount, which I probably won't use anyway. But I digress. Fate apparently wanted me at the mall and I'm not one to ignore Fate when it's being insistent.

It was then when I walked by the Honey Hill Pet Store. I glanced at the display window. You know sometimes there is a colorful bird there...but oh no, there were three...THREE black cats.

I stop.

Three black cats. You can't NOT look. I told myself I shouldn't look. We weren't going to look until after our NYC trip (we're going to visit Steve's family this upcoming first trip to New York City!! I'm going to meet his grandma and his aunt & her partner). However, I looked.

It was at that moment when one of the cats looked at me.

Me: Oh no... *kneels down*

Cat: *walks over to Kristi and puts paw on window*

Me: Steve is going to kill me

I found out that the pet store was hosting these cats for Second Chance Sheltering Network, a no-kill sheltering organization. Steve and I then had a talk. :) I even looked for a 'sign' this cat was the one. While looking at the shelter and the other cats the pet store was holding, I found out some of the other cats were 'Beatles' names and Steve is a huge 'Beatles' fan. Then again, I'm a fan myself, lol. *grin*

I got in touch with the shelter organizer to put in an application for the cat to arrange a meet & greet. We got in touch with a volunteer who actually fostered the cat before she was put on display in the store.

On Friday Steve and I met with the cat formerly known as Keesha. She was nervous, clinging to the volunteer, but when we got to the back of the store she glommed completely onto us. She melted into us. It was the most adorable yeah, we were going to take this cat home.

Of course, the pet store was out of carriers. Steve ran out to Walmart while I did some paperwork. I waited in back with Isis and we watched a crazy bunny named Thor. Seriously, this bunny was crazeh. 0_0 Isis was all like "You crazy" and Thor was all $$#%^*&*((*!!!!!!

The pet store gave us a discount on a litter box, scoop, starter food, and litter.

The volunteer was all "She's carrier trained and quiet, she'll be great!!!" ^_______^!!!!!

Yeah......she got in that carrier and was NOT happy. She started crying her little heart out. She cried in the car the whole way home and as soon as we pulled into the apartment, she let loose some poo in the carrier. Steve and I dove out of the car for air, then sprang into action.

She was still crying when I had her in the bathroom. It was really disorienting for her (she was used to having other cats and being in a small space).

He aired out his car while I prepared for some dirty work. I got Isis into the bathtub and started to wash her...she did so well!! I used a wash cloth and she was loving it. I passed her off to Steve in a towel so he could dry and cuddle her to get her warm, then washed out the carrier.

Isis loves to be cuddled, but she's still rather timid. The first night she cried a bit and the morning I found her wedged behind a bookcase *facepalm*. I played with her a bit before work.

She likes to be underneath tables and under desks, basically low to the ground and under things, rubbing up against things. She likes her 'forts.' She used our litter box for the first time (YAY!) after I showed her where it was in the kitchen, then she went on her own to explore. She also started playing with some toys too. *must get her some more toys*

She hasn't eaten the food we brought from the store (the kind she ate there). But we did get her to eat some treats I picked up. She knows where the food and water are though.

We'll have to see how she does before out extended weekend in NYC. My mom will look in on her, but we want to make sure she does okay before we leave. We'll see how she does when we leave her for hours at a time in the coming days.

In the meanwhile...*discretely stalks her from afar with camera*
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"Mommy, why you no pets me? You pets me now?"

More pics! )
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"Behind an able man, there are always other able men..." in between the sheets.

*insert me cracking up in the Chinese place*

I also looked to Steve and said, "Heh, good thing you didn't pick this one." LOL!!!! It found the Yaoi fangirl.

Speaking of Steve, his mom is coming into town for a few days. Her flight is due in a few hours. I met her last year when we were first dating, she's really nice. It'll be interesting visiting with her for an extended period of time.
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Every so often I do random cosplay for a challenge community:

Alternate Universes for Saiyuki & Weiss Kreuz. It's a really great place to find random fics and art.

My inspiration of late has been Schuldig.

February's challenge was "High School & University". So I did a short photo story in cosplay:
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Bored, bored, bored.

Mind you this six hour course is wonderful. I can take this from the comfort of my own home. I save gas money and I get a discount for being an AAA member. I shall enjoy the 10% car insurance reduction that will last for 3 years.

However, the first 20 minutes were all death statistics. -_-

The thing is that the computer has to make sure you actually log 6 hours. I'm a fast reader so I just end up having to find other things to do while the time runs down. It reminds me of those boring powerpoint presentations in college lectures.

It's not like I can do anything around the apartment either since the little sessions are only a minute or two long, plus every so often it checks to see if you're at the computer. Thank the gods I don't have to take a test for this thing.

So far its been:



EDIT: Oh gods...there's a video...
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This morning I work up with head pain and nausea. Looking over my doctor's notes, it was times to take the Sumavel needle-free injection. You basically pinch your thigh, ready the device, press it down, and it makes a LOUD click. I was a wimp about doing it myself, so I had Steve do it.

Several expletives, a bit of blood, a welt, a slight gag reflex, "feeling strange", weird tingly sensations, and a bit of drowsiness in the span of 15 minutes my head pain WENT AWAY. 0__0 WOOT! My thigh's still sore and there's bruising, with a bit of a welt, but hey I'll take it.

I was planning to go to the botanical gardens with a friend today (dollar day!), but the snow ruined those plans. -_-;; It was all right up in the North, but in the southerly direction it was not playing nice. However, she still came over and we had some Chinese with Steve. After that we watched Steve play some Assassin's Creed adding our commentary and I made some Portabella & Artichoke dip for some Family Guy episodes. After that she and I hung out, talking about music and other such random things. *grin*

I went out to see if I could find any cosplay materials on the cheap. Amvets had some good President's Day deals so I picked up a few for work and I got one for an Ouran High School Host Club cosplay. It's lightweight, which will be good for warmer weather. I shall be Tamaki. He's the leader of the Host Club.
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On the 10th I went to DENT Neurologic Institute to talk with a neurologist about my migraines.

I'm convinced that my guide, Remy (a former Indian holy man) is somehow guiding my path to doctors of Indian descent. (ex. Ghandi at the dentist and 'Santa' at the ER)

I saw Dr. Saikai and of all the doctors I've spoken to he was able to describe to me perfectly the pain I was experiencing and explain it to me in such a way that I could understand its causes.

Primary cause = Change

Me: -_-

Apparently the weather change is a primary cause so something constant in my system should smooth things out. However, stress (with the whole job thing) is what seems to send it over the edge. Or if there's some other factor (example- hormonal change, another sickness, etc)

He also said that the muscles in the back and on the neck had a HUGE impact on head pain. He whipped out a chart and showed me where they all connected. He noticed how tense my shoulders were and areas on my back. I asked about a massage therapist and got all enthusiastic even writing me a script. So now I've got to find someone who will take my insurance (I think I'll look into chiropractic offices).

I'm on a daily topamirate for preventative measures. The only thing that sucks about it is that it makes pop taste flat. :( So, I've been drinking a lot of juice and water which isn't so bad.

Then I have WEAPONS (doc's words, not mine). For a dull pain, I can just take ibuprofen or aleve. If that dull pain lingers and I can feel a stiffness in my neck or back, I take a prescription strength muscle relaxer.

If it gets to the throbbing level, I take a dissolvable Maxalt. I actually took one of these a few days ago and it WORKED! I tasted minty and not so bad at first before it tasted nasty. Though I went to bed kind of stoned, which amused Steve. Apparently I thought that my sentences were echoing and were subtitled in my head surrounded by a haze.

Then, if I wake with pain or if I have nausea I have a thing which resembles a shot, but is not a shot, Sumavel. Haven't had to take this kinda freaks me out. I think I'll be waking Steve up for him to stick me with this in the thigh, lol.

I'm glad I've got my arsenal. Now that programs are starting up and with these reduced hours, its been crazy. One of the libraries started doing some renovations too changing our office around. I'm very chill about it, but apparently my body thinks otherwise.

Speaking of programs, time to prepare for Friday's tiny toddler time! (1-2 year olds) Cross your fingers for me!
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May the Year of the Rabbit bring you good fortune! (And lots of plot bunnies ^__~)
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I received a healing attunement on Tuesday night. It was very powerful and felt like the people who needed to be there were there. I received a vision of a new healing symbol to use, so that will be fun to utilize. Of course the healing adjustment will be a three week process and since the monthly is present, that means the ability and cleansing will be heightened.

I plan on visiting the botanical gardens in the next few weeks, so that will conclude the adjustment process nicely by basking in the plant/flower/koi/waterfall energies of the place.

After the attunement my colleague asked, " who brought all the faeries".

*tentatively raises hand*

Some of their energy has been hanging around me. I don't mind because it seems to create a good creative flow for planning children's programs.
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