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This morning I work up with head pain and nausea. Looking over my doctor's notes, it was times to take the Sumavel needle-free injection. You basically pinch your thigh, ready the device, press it down, and it makes a LOUD click. I was a wimp about doing it myself, so I had Steve do it.

Several expletives, a bit of blood, a welt, a slight gag reflex, "feeling strange", weird tingly sensations, and a bit of drowsiness in the span of 15 minutes my head pain WENT AWAY. 0__0 WOOT! My thigh's still sore and there's bruising, with a bit of a welt, but hey I'll take it.

I was planning to go to the botanical gardens with a friend today (dollar day!), but the snow ruined those plans. -_-;; It was all right up in the North, but in the southerly direction it was not playing nice. However, she still came over and we had some Chinese with Steve. After that we watched Steve play some Assassin's Creed adding our commentary and I made some Portabella & Artichoke dip for some Family Guy episodes. After that she and I hung out, talking about music and other such random things. *grin*

I went out to see if I could find any cosplay materials on the cheap. Amvets had some good President's Day deals so I picked up a few for work and I got one for an Ouran High School Host Club cosplay. It's lightweight, which will be good for warmer weather. I shall be Tamaki. He's the leader of the Host Club.


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