Dec. 30th, 2016 07:55 pm
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 I haven't updated in forever!

Update-wise the big thing is I became a Mom with our first child.

Steve and I welcomed Samuel Dean into the world on November 8, 2016 - 6 pounds, 1 ounce and 19.5 inches.

His name is inspired by Samwise from Lord of the Rings and Sam & Dean from Supernatural.  Yep, we're nerds. ;)

I've been updating heavily on Facebook because it's easy to post photos and the like from my phone. 

Anywho, just wanted to post a quick something.  ^_^!

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I was decorating the railing for the upstairs and inadvertently realized that it kind of had a Frozen theme. Needless to say I went with it and BEHOLD....

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Sundays tend to be the day we get all the household chores done (ex. laundry, dishes, etc.). It's also a day we both have off of work and get to relax.

Earlier Steve was playing his new Assassin's Creed game and I got caught up on some reading (currently reading 'Born in Ice' by Nora Roberts)

At the moment Steve is having a violin lesson. Our friend Maddie comes over and gives an hour lesson. Steve plays the guitar and always wanted to learn the violin (very different than the guitar with the way you have to hold the instrument). He's been having almost a weekly violin lesson for the past year.

Right now I've got Christmas songs filling the house via violin, with the tree lit. I'm also watching Ghostbusters II on TV because it's Ghostbusters! LOL

We're planning on seeing Mockingjay Part I at the movie theater today. We've got a great little AMC theater near us that has electronic adjusting RECLINERS for seats. Can't wait!!!

Also, I have glimpsed the Force Awakens trailer and I cannot wait for the new Star Wars film next year!!!

Also also, we've been listening to "The Last Goodbye" - the ending song for the last Hobbit movie. I LOVE that Billy Boyd sings it and it's a perfect song to wrap up everything. Only a few more weeks until Battle of Five Armies comes out!!
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We've set up the tree and are in the decorating process for the rest of the house.

Now....relaxing and watching hockey with the kitties and Steve

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Thanksgiving morning starts out with Two Towers and fangirling over some Nazgûl.  


Off to the grandparents' house in a bit to get our nom on. ;)

I'm thankful to everyone who reads these words because YOU are WONDERFUL.

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So it has been a while since I've posted. Here is a JOURNAL ENTRY OF DOOM to catch everyone up. I've been over on Facebook updating (easier and more people I know), but will attempt to do a journal entry every now and then. ;)   (had to fiddle with the html,so we'll see if this works-give the photos a few moments to load under the cut)

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My husband came to my work earlier in the afternoon and let me know that my grandma on my father's side of the family had passed away.  My mom got in touch with him after getting a call from my brother. Many thanks to my coworkers for holding down the fort as I broke into pieces back in the break room and many thanks for the covering librarians as I take some time off.

My younger brother found my grandma...back in 2006 he found my grandfather as well. The kid can't catch a break. He was living upstairs, with his girlfriend and daughter, helping to take care of her.

My dad, of course, is being an asshole. He doesn't live close by and my brother has essentially been caring for HIS mother. There's a whole complicated thing behind all this, but I digress.

My younger sister called me (she's 12 now) and was devastated. My dad threatened not to let her take off of school and I threatened to take a sword to him if he didn't let her. I explained to my sister when asked, "why did she have to die?" that she wasn't in pain anymore and that she was finally back with Papa. My grandma was getting radiation for leukemia, but no one was expecting her to go.

Steve and I already planned a DC trip for this weekend and we're not canceling that. I feel that visiting DC with all the memorials and LIVING is the best way to honor her and my grandfather's memory.

It has been a heck of a year so far.  (I broke my dominant hand in February, it's fine now...but ugh, being in a cast was annoying)

It's a good thing I stocked up on tissues. I'm a bit of a mess.
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We adopted a kitty from the SPCA a few weeks ago. :)

Meet Athena.

Now Isis can have a friend!

She's a shy little thing. Loves to be cuddled, just on her own time (typical kitty). She's a bit of a hidey cat and 2 years old, just like Isis.

And so Isis isn't left out... )
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A dear friend requested something inspiring.

This is a pair of sea turtles in Bermuda that look as if they are about to kiss. :)

sea turtles

"Sea turtles, mate." ;) I'm working a pirates festival this weekend.
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There's a birch in our front yard and as I got home, I found myself being serenaded by a pair of gold finches. :)

I've also discovered that the back bay window is great for bird watching as well. Isis thinks so too, besides the stairs it is her new favorite spot.

On a random kitty note, Isis encountered her first fly the other day and completely lost her shit. 0__0 She did these death defying, mid-air clapping leaps around the couch that nearly took out the curtains, LOL! I took out the fly because its presence could cause any more damage.

Steve and I are nearly done unpacking. There are still some boxes and I think we still need a few things, but the house is liveable. :)

I have also been battling a hedge beside the garage and the other day I finally WON! (well sorta, still need to trim the dang thing to make it look not so lopsided)
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I'm waiting for the photographers to get me the photos, but here are some pics that I took from our wedding day on May 20. :)

Wedding photos preview! )


May. 24th, 2012 05:21 pm
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As of today, Steve and I are officially homeowners!!

Moving shall commence when we get back from the honeymoon. ^__^

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The medical library at the hospital is being moved to a new location in the building. KMH is building a new ER right where the library and physician's lounge are currently located. Medical records got moved, so we're next. I've been clearing out a lot of old journals and supplies in the work room. I even found a mini Christmas tree!

In public library land, my story times have started back up again. I've got double the number of kids from last time. :) I like my preschool story times because the kids bring their younger siblings and when we roll over into the play group everyone plays together. It's really cute.

I'm also gathering publicity information for various programs. I compile the flyers for the four locations so I'll get that to print soon. I've also got an Advanced Lightsaber Program in May for the school age kids. ^__^!

In good news, I finished paying off my car! YAY! My next step will be to get the small dent on the side of the car fixed (frickin deer). That's a little costly so I'll probably wait until house and wedding stuff is settled before I tackle that.

On the wedding front, more drama involving invitations. Since I'm not inviting my father, my paternal grandma has decided not to attend. I'm disappointed, but not overly upset. If anything it eases my mind that she won't cause a scene, but still - disappointed. I'm anxiously awaiting more RSVPs in the mail. The deadline is for this Friday, so I'll have to start poking people after that.

Steve and I are compiling our music for background music & the reception. We've got a list of songs and the next step will be organizing them. Steve ended up picking a country song for our first dance that I swear is going to make half the reception cry, lol. I really like it though.

On the house front, we're waiting to hear from the bank for the next step. So far so good. Closing should be in a few weeks. :)
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Is it May yet?



Damn. >.<

Normally I am calm, cool collected - but occasionally, even I lose my shit.

Family stuff regarding invites...*twitch* *growl* -_-;

Seriously, the hardest part is telling people that "No, I'm not inviting ___ because of ____".

*visualizes her and Steve in Bermuda*
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Currently watching Isis spazz out with a gift-shaped pouch of catnip.

Right now she is one crazeh kitteh.
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So, Steve and I are in the process of closing on a house. ^__^

The estimated closing date?

Right around our wedding (seriously, the closing date right now is the day after the wedding, we're hoping for sooner so we can get in before we leave for the honeymoon).

*insert crazy laugh*

The good thing is I'm crazy organized and pretty much everything is done. Just annoys me all this WAITING. I can't do most of the stuff until later this month or even May.

We just applied for our mortgage from the bank on Monday, so cross your fingers that the underwriter likes us (mortgage guy did) and that the appraisal goes well.

If everything goes according to plan with the timing I have in my head, as I go through the process of changing my last name - I'll be able to update my address too.

On a random note, we went to Applebee's to celebrate and I had a white peach came in a BIG glass. 0___0 It was very delicious! I drank it too fast and then Steve had me wandering around Walmart afterward.

You see, when I am mildly tipsy I have the urge to BUY things! Frugal Kristi goes to hide in a closet and Crazeh Kristi comes out to play and tends to buy things for other people. Thankfully, I resisted this urge. (I think because I couldn't find my debit card...but but I RESISTED!)
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So...Steve and I booked our honeymoon.

We're going on a 7 day cruise to....BERMUDA!!!!

(so if I don't come back...then the Bermuda Triangle got me)

I've never been any place tropical or on a cruise, so this will be rather exciting.

We'll depart from NYC and leave a week after the wedding. We've booked some shore excursion too - sailing, snorkeling, zoo visit, aquarium visit & cave exploring. The latter three are all together.

Soooo excited!!! Can it be May now???

Sadly that means no Anime North, but mayhap I shall cosplay at Fan Expo or another nearby anime convention.

Color quiz

Dec. 29th, 2011 09:02 pm
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Stolen meme! ;D! Kristi took the free personality test!

""Wants interesting and exciting things to happen i..."

Click here to read the rest of the results.

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I'm attempting to get an early start so....

If you would like to exchange Holiday cards, let me know! Comments are screened, so you can post your address. Once you do, I'll post mine. :)

Also, if anyone would like to exchange a card and a small gift, please specify that you would like to do that too.

So respond with either, "Card exchange!" or "Card and small gift exchange!"

Happy holidays!!!
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