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Ack! Its been a while since I've posted on my journal. I think with my crazy schedule all I want to do is veg when I get home and facebook status updates are quick little things to post. So, if any of you are on facebook and would like to friend me, send me your name and I'll find you to friend you. ^__^ I tend to post a bunch of photos on there as well.

Summer programs have started at the library. I made it through week one and have four more weeks to go. I've taken over programs for another colleague who is out for the summer for health reasons. Her programs are popular at a bigger library (AUD), so for the one summer fun club there's an average of about 50 school age kids (with the possibility of 70 kids at once). I have teen volunteers that help, but then I have to keep an eye on them too to keep everyone on task. I also have themed preschool specials with about 30 preschoolers and their parents. Those are fun. :)

At EGG I've got a regular preschool storytime (20-25 preschoolers with their parents), lego club and summer fun club (last week I demonstrated kendo for the kids...they loved it!). I also make sure hte family fun nights go smoothly. Last week was the Buffalo Zoo, this week is a storytelling & performance group.

I also ended up being the one to organize and distribute summer reading prizes. Thankfully everything is all settled with that. There were some late deliveries.

Hmm, what else?

Oh yes! I helped my mom and grandparents at the Pirates Festival up at Olcott Beach near Lake Ontario. The professional pirates that I like were back and it was a fun time (despite the heat, bugs and aching feet because super-genius me decided to wear heeled boots on Saturday to be authentic). On a random note, I DESPISE smokers at festivals who come INTO the tent and also browse the tables with a cigarette. It makes me sick and sends me into an asthma attack. I swear we had more smokers than I can remember on Saturday. -_- I think they think it's okay because they're outside...but smoke travels. Ugh.

I got some awesome pics of some swans that were near the lake and some Canada geese. I called to the latter and they all started coming up the beach toward me, lol.

Steve and I went to see Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Part 2. It was AWESOME! My favorite line: "I've always wanted to do that spell." We also saw The Green Lantern a few weeks ago because we had a free movie pass. That was a great movie too! If you like the superhero movies, definitely rent that when it comes out on DVD or streams on Netflix.

We also made a random pilgrimage...erm, piratage to a Long John Silver's I discovered about 45 minutes to an hour away. ^__^ Oh LJS I miss thee!

I rather love spending time with him. ♥

I've been busy with Librarian union stuff since I've been the recording secretary. Mostly I try to put order to the conversations of my fellow board members, who tend to stray at times with the topic. So far I've been told that I'm doing a good job.

I also managed to snag a couple freelance projects by winning some bids (annotations & research). At this point I'm working on building my rank on various sites.

Isis the kitty is doing well. Her new thing is when mommy gets up in the morning to cuddle with her as she's on the toilet. ^^;; Thankfully she stays on the floor, satisfied by my pettings and rubbing against my legs.

On a random note, I'm sooo not digging this summer heat. I miss air conditioning. The fans do an okay job of cooling down the apartment, provided the night is cool.

Okay, enough rambling from me. I'm thinking of you all and wish you the best!!! ^___^!!!
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