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Sundays tend to be the day we get all the household chores done (ex. laundry, dishes, etc.). It's also a day we both have off of work and get to relax.

Earlier Steve was playing his new Assassin's Creed game and I got caught up on some reading (currently reading 'Born in Ice' by Nora Roberts)

At the moment Steve is having a violin lesson. Our friend Maddie comes over and gives an hour lesson. Steve plays the guitar and always wanted to learn the violin (very different than the guitar with the way you have to hold the instrument). He's been having almost a weekly violin lesson for the past year.

Right now I've got Christmas songs filling the house via violin, with the tree lit. I'm also watching Ghostbusters II on TV because it's Ghostbusters! LOL

We're planning on seeing Mockingjay Part I at the movie theater today. We've got a great little AMC theater near us that has electronic adjusting RECLINERS for seats. Can't wait!!!

Also, I have glimpsed the Force Awakens trailer and I cannot wait for the new Star Wars film next year!!!

Also also, we've been listening to "The Last Goodbye" - the ending song for the last Hobbit movie. I LOVE that Billy Boyd sings it and it's a perfect song to wrap up everything. Only a few more weeks until Battle of Five Armies comes out!!

Date: 2014-12-01 05:48 am (UTC)
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It is really very awesome that Steve is learning the violin. If there was one instrument I wish I could play, that would be it.

Ah, Ghostbusters II...I love Venkman with the camera taunting Viggo in the painting as if he were a model. :)

I saw that trailer for the Force Awakens too! It looks pretty cool...Sith in the forest!! Can we really wait so long to see this??


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