Apr. 2nd, 2011

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"Mommy, why you no pets me? You pets me now?"

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So, on Tuesday I was innocently walking through the Eastern Hills Mall, picking up a gift card. Okay, so maybe it wasn't quite so innocent considering I was picking up a gift card for photo shoot discount, which I probably won't use anyway. But I digress. Fate apparently wanted me at the mall and I'm not one to ignore Fate when it's being insistent.

It was then when I walked by the Honey Hill Pet Store. I glanced at the display window. You know sometimes there is a colorful bird there...but oh no, there were three...THREE black cats.

I stop.

Three black cats. You can't NOT look. I told myself I shouldn't look. We weren't going to look until after our NYC trip (we're going to visit Steve's family this upcoming weekend...my first trip to New York City!! I'm going to meet his grandma and his aunt & her partner). However, I looked.

It was at that moment when one of the cats looked at me.

Me: Oh no... *kneels down*

Cat: *walks over to Kristi and puts paw on window*

Me: Steve is going to kill me

I found out that the pet store was hosting these cats for Second Chance Sheltering Network, a no-kill sheltering organization. Steve and I then had a talk. :) I even looked for a 'sign' this cat was the one. While looking at the shelter and the other cats the pet store was holding, I found out some of the other cats were 'Beatles' names and Steve is a huge 'Beatles' fan. Then again, I'm a fan myself, lol. *grin*

I got in touch with the shelter organizer to put in an application for the cat to arrange a meet & greet. We got in touch with a volunteer who actually fostered the cat before she was put on display in the store.

On Friday Steve and I met with the cat formerly known as Keesha. She was nervous, clinging to the volunteer, but when we got to the back of the store she glommed completely onto us. She melted into us. It was the most adorable thing...so yeah, we were going to take this cat home.

Of course, the pet store was out of carriers. Steve ran out to Walmart while I did some paperwork. I waited in back with Isis and we watched a crazy bunny named Thor. Seriously, this bunny was crazeh. 0_0 Isis was all like "You crazy" and Thor was all $$#%^*&*((*!!!!!!

The pet store gave us a discount on a litter box, scoop, starter food, and litter.

The volunteer was all "She's carrier trained and quiet, she'll be great!!!" ^_______^!!!!!

Yeah......she got in that carrier and was NOT happy. She started crying her little heart out. She cried in the car the whole way home and as soon as we pulled into the apartment, she let loose some poo in the carrier. Steve and I dove out of the car for air, then sprang into action.

She was still crying when I had her in the bathroom. It was really disorienting for her (she was used to having other cats and being in a small space).

He aired out his car while I prepared for some dirty work. I got Isis into the bathtub and started to wash her...she did so well!! I used a wash cloth and she was loving it. I passed her off to Steve in a towel so he could dry and cuddle her to get her warm, then washed out the carrier.

Isis loves to be cuddled, but she's still rather timid. The first night she cried a bit and the morning I found her wedged behind a bookcase *facepalm*. I played with her a bit before work.

She likes to be underneath tables and under desks, basically low to the ground and under things, rubbing up against things. She likes her 'forts.' She used our litter box for the first time (YAY!) after I showed her where it was in the kitchen, then she went on her own to explore. She also started playing with some toys too. *must get her some more toys*

She hasn't eaten the food we brought from the store (the kind she ate there). But we did get her to eat some treats I picked up. She knows where the food and water are though.

We'll have to see how she does before out extended weekend in NYC. My mom will look in on her, but we want to make sure she does okay before we leave. We'll see how she does when we leave her for hours at a time in the coming days.

In the meanwhile...*discretely stalks her from afar with camera*


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