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So it has been a while since I've posted. Here is a JOURNAL ENTRY OF DOOM to catch everyone up. I've been over on Facebook updating (easier and more people I know), but will attempt to do a journal entry every now and then. ;)   (had to fiddle with the html,so we'll see if this works-give the photos a few moments to load under the cut)

TV shows we're watching regularly: Supernatural, Walking Dead, Gotham, Sleepy Hollow, Dancing with the Stars, Whose Line is it Anyway?


Speaking of Whose Line....Steve and I attended an Improv Show with Brad Sherwood and Colin Mochrie. My suggestion of Librarian was selected and there was a whole Librarian-themed skit and Steve got in a suggestion as well! And then....I was selected to go onstage with a few others for the Sound Effects Game! (!!!!!) In front of thousands of people I provided sound effects for Brad Sherwood and even got Colin cracking up. It was AMAZING!


Series I saw that I liked: Orange is the New Black, Bates Motel, Sherlock, Sword Art Online (anime)


Places I've traveled since the last post:

Toronto, Canada – In summer 2013 we attended Fan Expo for the first time. We attended panels with George Takei, Richard Dean Anderson, Nathan Fillion, Ian McDiarmid (THE EMPEROR!!) and Walking Dead actors (yes, Norman Reedus was on the panel). It was Steve's first fan convention, so we had cosplays of Miroku & Sango from Inuyasha and a Starfleet officer and Jedi. We also ended up staying in the hotel with all the celebrities, so we rode the elevator with Chum Lee from Pawn Stars and got to see Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman. We were also a few tables away from Ian McDiarmid for breakfast. It was a HUGE convention and I don't think we'd go back, but it was fun.


New York City for BeatlesFest (The Fest for Beatles Fans): We stayed in Manhattan and the fest was at the hotel right next to Grand Central. It was such fun! I took some photos of a puppet show and chatted with the puppeteer, ended up in the middle of an impromptu jam session, met a producer from when the Beatles were on the Ed Sullivan Show, got to listen to some great cover bands and other musicians.


New York City for Valentine's week (Steve had to go for work and I took vacation time to come along): I traveled via subway on my own to make my way to The Met, Chelsea Market, and the Rubin Museum of Art. We also had dinner with his aunts at a restaurant near Broadway and I navigated China Town & Little Italy for some real NY cheesecake to surprise Steve.


Alexandria, Virginia: Stayed overnight and walked into Old Town to visit a hobbit themed restaurant.


Charleston, South Carolina: We stayed in Mt. Pleasant and took the water taxi into Charleston for Memorial Day (We saw dolphins! And Fort Sumter in the distance). We wandered through a neat market, checked out the South Carolina Aquarium, and got to explore some military ships. We even met a veteran who served on a decommissioned submarine. There were lots of birds for me to gawk at as well.


Savannah, Georgia: We stopped at a Pirate themed restaurant. The food was delicious!! Fried chicken, cornbread, hush puppies, key lime pie....YUM. Did I mention pirates?


Jacksonville, Florida: My favorite zoo is here. Seriously, the Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens is AMAZING. The Asian Bamboo Garden and Butterfly Hollow are so peaceful.


St. Augustine, Florida: It was so HOT when we went (100 heat index, with humidity). We walked around the Castillo de San Marcos and went through a Pirate Museum!


Grand Bahama Island (Freeport), Bahamas: We went on a Carnival cruise from Florida and had a shore excursion for a Dolphin Encounter. We were very lucky to be able to pet and interact with the dolphins. We even got kissed! We had a nice boat ride to the UNEXCO site and got to see a lot of the island.


Nassau, Bahamas: I booked a snorkeling tour and we hung out on the beach of the Hilton as we waited for others in the group to arrive. The beach even had cabanas! The snorkeling was great! I love being surrounded by fish and got quite a workout. The weather held out and we had nice weather for snorkeling. We wandered around Nassau, ate at a pirate themed restaurant (are you sensing a theme? lol), and even bartered at the Straw Market.


Asheville, North Carolina: The drive was very up and down (mountains/hills) and we visited the Western North Carolina Nature Center. (Otters!!! Yay!!) We also wandered into Asheville proper for a bite to eat, some window shopping, and got some small art pieces.


Shenandoah Caverns, Virginia: We got a workout going up and down the stairs into the cavern. The formations were really neat and we got cave kissed by the droplet of water from the stalactites.


Lewiston, NY (ArtPark) – We got to see Ringo Starr and his All Starr Band. It was rainy, but totally worth it and I found a coworker there, so we visited with her and her husband. (seriously, I will always find library people in a crowd of thousands, lol)


Pittsburgh, PA: We visited the National Aviary and I went photo crazy over birds. Steve even had a bird land on his hand to eat a worm. Our primary reason for the visit was a Paul McCartney concert. This was the BEST concert I've ever seen. The first song he sang (Eight Days a Week) brought me to tears as it was the first Beatles song I ever learned/heard/karaoked.


Events we attended 2014
: Allentown Art Festival, City of Night, Buffalo Garden Walk, Taste of Buffalo, Buffalo Wingfest, Buffalo Science Museum: Mummies of the World Exhibit, Buffalo Central Terminal Candlelight tour, Taiko Drumming


: Isis and Athena are doing great! :) They’re both 4 years old. They don’t cuddle together, but enjoy lounging on our bed together. Isis is cordial with visitors (checks them out, inspects shoes and bags), while Athena is still shy (she lets Steve pet her, but she’s mommy’s lap cat, lol).


: I'm still between the Medical Library at the hospital and at the Public Library. For the latter, which takes up most of my time – reference desk, lots of programs, coordinating events, designing flyers, outreach, publicity, more responsibility, etc. I'm still doing children's programs, story time and headed up a teen battle of the books team for the past two summers. I'm also on a Health information access committee for a local library organization and the Recording Secretary for my union. I’ve also been attending regular library conferences and CE classes.


House: Worked on some updates and fixes (most of the stuff we hired folks to do since I am not handy except when it comes to painting)....Fixed a leak in the basement inside and out, fixed a roof issue, fixed big garage door, replaced side garage door, replaced falling down wooden fence with vinyl, painted outside lights and caulked, replaced outlets that plugs fell out of, painted half bath walls & updated towel bar, fixed main bathroom sink pipe issue, and painted main bathroom vanity. We still have other things on our list, so we're getting there.


Steve: We’ve been married two and a half years. <3 He’s working as a Business Analyst for a major bank, steadily moving up in the ranks. He’s been having back issues due to some sports injuries to his spine from years ago (meaning he’s in pain everyday), so he’s been going to physical therapy (in addition to seeing a chiropractor and massage therapist). He’s getting an MRI next month.


New favorite things: Vietnamese Pho Ga (a local place makes an amazing bowl of this), Disney’s Frozen (seriously, Steve and I duet “Love is an Open Door” in the car), Hobbit (cannot WAIT for the next movie), Pinterest (great way to collect recipes and craft ideas), Tripadvisor (I’ve started writing travel reviews), my car (I have a blue 2012 Honda Civic as of this spring, my Suzuki Reno was having issues), Candy Crush (seriously addicting on my phone), Goodreads (keeping track of what I’ve been reading), Taisho Bistro (nearby Japanese place with good eats), AMC movie theater (the seats are recliners!!! So comfy and affordable)


Most requested recipes in our house: Miso soup (finally got it to taste like a restaurant), Soba, Banana Bread, Katsu, Meatloaf, Goulash, Sautéed balsamic sweet peppers, Steak marinade, Salad, Spaghetti, Maple bacon, Strawberries & cream, Roasted asparagus, Lemon Chicken


Plants that have thrived in our yard: Roses, chives, rosemary, lilacs, hosta


Family: An Uncle passed away (my godmother’s husband). I read the eulogy at his funeral.

My mom is doing fairly well. She’s taking online classes focused on business. She found out she has an alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency, so she had to get some infusions, which has helped her breathing. However, stress is not helping her migraines.

My brother continues to try and find his path when it comes to job and life. He’s not together with his girlfriend anymore, so gets visitation with his daughter. She’ll be 3 years old in January.

My half-sister (a young teen now) is living with my dad, who lives with his girlfriend (who isn’t exactly a winner).

Steve’s mom just visited and it was good to see her since she lives across the country (Washington state). She had a heart attack about a year ago and has recovered nicely. Steve’s mom and his step-dad moved near the mountains in Washington and his brother also moved across the country as well.


Friends: I miss seeing people.


Health: The migraines have improved thanks to the chiropractor, massage therapist, better bed and pillow. However, I’m still affected by weather shifts, cigarette smoke, and the monthly (the latter makes them harder to get rid of). My feet have become picky. If I don’t wear comfortable shoes, I’m prone to plantar fasciitis and/or shin splints. Needless to say I do a lot of walking, so I wear through ‘comfortable’ shoes quick. I’ve also been dealing with eczema. It has its flare-ups, but is almost under control. Colloidal oatmeal and moisturizing helps my skin to behave. I’ve also gained weight, mostly because of a migraine medication gone badly and two health-related events no one should ever experience. Reiki helps.





And in ending...current pics!


Date: 2014-10-24 04:38 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] wyldbutterflies
Nice to see you here. We miss your entries of doom and honestly, we are rarely on facebook to read anything.

We're getting back into fandom a bit over at in we are using that for the fandom stuff mostly. Other than that - health stuff omg and essay hell for grad school. Hopefully we will have good news on both of those by the end of next week. Or at least, some of what we're working on will be resolved.

You've been busy doing all kinds of things!! Sounds like you are having fun - heck, your job even sounds fun but that's what you like to do...

Plantar fasciitis is just evil. I mean, you have to walk...and yet when you do, it friggin' hurts. We relate!

*hugs* I have to deal with the essay from hell now. We are going to get it done this is just going to happen (we are already later than we want to be on it).

Take care of you! Good to see you here.


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