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The medical library at the hospital is being moved to a new location in the building. KMH is building a new ER right where the library and physician's lounge are currently located. Medical records got moved, so we're next. I've been clearing out a lot of old journals and supplies in the work room. I even found a mini Christmas tree!

In public library land, my story times have started back up again. I've got double the number of kids from last time. :) I like my preschool story times because the kids bring their younger siblings and when we roll over into the play group everyone plays together. It's really cute.

I'm also gathering publicity information for various programs. I compile the flyers for the four locations so I'll get that to print soon. I've also got an Advanced Lightsaber Program in May for the school age kids. ^__^!

In good news, I finished paying off my car! YAY! My next step will be to get the small dent on the side of the car fixed (frickin deer). That's a little costly so I'll probably wait until house and wedding stuff is settled before I tackle that.

On the wedding front, more drama involving invitations. Since I'm not inviting my father, my paternal grandma has decided not to attend. I'm disappointed, but not overly upset. If anything it eases my mind that she won't cause a scene, but still - disappointed. I'm anxiously awaiting more RSVPs in the mail. The deadline is for this Friday, so I'll have to start poking people after that.

Steve and I are compiling our music for background music & the reception. We've got a list of songs and the next step will be organizing them. Steve ended up picking a country song for our first dance that I swear is going to make half the reception cry, lol. I really like it though.

On the house front, we're waiting to hear from the bank for the next step. So far so good. Closing should be in a few weeks. :)


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