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So, Steve and I are in the process of closing on a house. ^__^

The estimated closing date?

Right around our wedding (seriously, the closing date right now is the day after the wedding, we're hoping for sooner so we can get in before we leave for the honeymoon).

*insert crazy laugh*

The good thing is I'm crazy organized and pretty much everything is done. Just annoys me all this WAITING. I can't do most of the stuff until later this month or even May.

We just applied for our mortgage from the bank on Monday, so cross your fingers that the underwriter likes us (mortgage guy did) and that the appraisal goes well.

If everything goes according to plan with the timing I have in my head, as I go through the process of changing my last name - I'll be able to update my address too.

On a random note, we went to Applebee's to celebrate and I had a white peach came in a BIG glass. 0___0 It was very delicious! I drank it too fast and then Steve had me wandering around Walmart afterward.

You see, when I am mildly tipsy I have the urge to BUY things! Frugal Kristi goes to hide in a closet and Crazeh Kristi comes out to play and tends to buy things for other people. Thankfully, I resisted this urge. (I think because I couldn't find my debit card...but but I RESISTED!)
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